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Designers & Innovators of the Sit-on-top Kayak
Interviews that give credit to the architects of the newest & fastest growing branch of the paddlesports industry:

Tim Niemier
Ocean Kayak's
"Tim Niemier: In The Beginning"
Designer of the modern and first roto-molded sit-on-top models.
Warren Atkins
"Catching A Wind-surfer's Wave"
Cobra Kayak's Warren & Glenys Aitkens
The Original Sit-on-top Kayak: Royak's Roy Grabenauer An interview with his son, Steve Grabenauer of Royak Marine
Hunt Johnsen
Hunt Johnsen: Creator of The Wave Witch The roots of the Cobra Wave Witch come from the fiberglass & kevlar designs of Hawaii's Hunt Johnsen.
Ed Wrobbel and The Docksider
by Michael Pagliarulo
Mark Theobald
Kayaking With A Disability Mark Theobald - Kayak paddle and backrest adaptations making the sit-on-top the choice for disability programs.

Paul Cronin
Hop On Top's Paul Cronin:
"A Naval Architect Throws Down The Gauntlet" A Designer taking sit-on-tops to the next level.

Matt Langenfeld
Designer Matt
Engineer and paddler Matt Langenfeld designs kayak plans for the amateur boat builder.

John Gray
Designing A Kayak For Caving by John Gray
Profile of John Gray founder of Sea Canoe and designer of the Sea Explorer Inflatable.


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