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Kayak Fishing VideoDennis SpikeTHE KAYAK FISHING VIDEO / DVD

This is famed kayak fisherman Dennis Spike's instruction video. Filmed on the Sea of Cortez and California's Eastern Pacific. Tom Holtey lends his insights:

New Video / DVD for Kayak Fishing

Dennis Spike has created a an excellent resource for kayak fishing in "The Kayak Fishing Video." Known to many kayak fishers as the host of kayakfishing.com Dennis also teaches the sport in California through his school Coastal Kayak Fishing.

The eighty-minute video is very well produced with on-water and under-water photography, close up detail shots, and descriptive footage of basic techniques. Dennis has a clear delivery of no nonsense simple instruction of how-to for the kayak fisherman. The tips and techniques offered here will start any new kayak fisher on their way and reinforce to those "old salts" things that they may have forgotten, or bring back to light.

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In addition to the instruction there is exciting fish fighting video footage at the end, the desert, so to speak, of the hearty meal of info.

While "The Kayak Fishing Video" is not a comprehensive overview of how to paddle it does cover the basics. Paddling instruction is of course best done in a lesson setting on the water with an instructor. Dennis reminds the fisherman-turned-kayaker of safety concerns, how to launch and land in surf and the self-rescue. Also covered are the topics of life vests, wetsuits, paddles, transportation and packing a safety bag.

The "meat" of the video is in the nuts & bolts info about kayak fishing and fishing kayaks. The video starts out discussing boat selection and outfitting. Dennis recommends the Sit-On-Top kayak of course! And he discusses tank/cargo well versions vs. two hatch versions of popular SOT models.

Outfitting the fishing kayak with rod holders and other fish accessories is a very useful chapter. Using rivets and the rivet gun, installing hatches and sonar systems is covered with close up shots of how this is accomplished to "trick-out" your fish yak.

Practical fishing advice is offered, with a kayak angler's point of view. Kayak fishing is certainly different than boat and shore fishing! In fact the kayak is the quintessential fishing vessel with millennia of countless generations of fishers catching from a small boat.

Dennis covers how to kayak fish topics in his "bottom line", "just the facts ma'am" approach. Equipment use, the how and why, is covered starting with packing the kayak for fishing, then onto sea anchor deployment, sonar and compass use and anchoring with kelp anchors and bottom anchors.

Practical fishing techniques are not over looked. The section on bait fishing was fascinating to me, and it looks fun. (I have always been a lure user, or the old stand by, hooks and worms.) Bait bucket use and stowage was informative as well. Dennis shows several types of fishing rigs to use such as the Carolina Rig and the Dropper Loop. Drift fishing and trolling are covered well.

If you are a kayak fisher-person or wish to be one than this DVD / video is a must have. Not only is it informative, but it is also entertaining and inspiring. I recommend the DVD format, as it is very easy to "navigate" and review things that you would like to see again. Dennis Spike's "The Kayak Fishing Video" is the perfect platform to jump off into the sport of yak fishing, and an additional resource for experienced kayak fishers.

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This is famed kayak fisherman Dennis Spike's instruction video. Filmed on the Sea of Cortez and California's Eastern Pacific.

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