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ken daubertReview of Kayak Fishing for Tarpon w/ Ken Daubert

Ken Dauberts new DVD "Kayak Fishing for Tarpon" is an exciting show that any fisherman will enjoy. I found it to be very entertaining and a good visual, almost visceral, introduction to kayak fishing. Ken's focus in this film is Tarpon, a very large fish species that puts up quite a fight. In fact most of the fish he lands look as big as he is! If Earnest Hemmingway had been armed with a kayak and video camera, instead of pen & paper, his short story "The Old Man and the Sea" would have been much like Ken's DVD.

The unique camera angles actually put you in the kayak with Ken, looking over his shoulder to see what he sees, or a view from the bow to see him working with his tackle. It is like you are fishing with him. The action is very real, just like a day on the water, from the inevitable slow spots, to the Nantucket Sleigh Rides, jumping Tarpon, busted tackle and the threatening thunderstorms and shark.

The DVD starts off with an exciting intro and some promo stuff about his book, website and more videos to come, covering other kayak fishing topics that I am looking forward to seeing.

Part one has good tips on bait keeping and catching. He covers rod and reel choice for the kayak angler. Ken offers advice on how to set up a rod holder and how to use it. He also discusses fish fighting and the risks involved in kayak fishing.

Part two has lots of tips on lures and tackle. Ken outlines the advantage of using a kayak for Tarpon fishing. There is a need for stealth to glide into a school of the easily spooked Tarpon that the kayak can provide. A rather exciting fish fighting scene is featured in this 2nd part.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone who has an interest in kayak fishing. It is fun to watch and you will learn a bit too.

ken daubertKayak Fishing for Tarpon DVD w/ Ken Daubert $29.95
From the author of the book KAYAKFISHING: The Revolution, Capt Ken Daubert gives the viewers an up close and personal kayak fishing for tarpon experience complete with all of the overhead jumps, strikes and rolls, including full body slams on the kayak.
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