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Scotty Fishing Kayak
We carry most Scotty Products shown or will soon. Links will take you to either the item in the store or a category where you may find alternatives.

130 Paddle Leash

230 PowerLock Rod

253 Gimbal Rod Holder Adaptor

254 Rod Holder Extender

257 Triple Mount System

271 Sounder Mount

276 Anchor Lock

280 Baitcaster / Spinning Reel Rod Holder

302 Stabilizer System

311 Cup Holder

388 Gear Head Mount Kit

400 ORCA Rod Holder

459 Adjustable Rod Holder Extender

750 Trap-ease

779 Small Vessel Safety Equipment Kit - or see Safety Gear

789 Watertight First Aid Kit - or see Safety Gear

793 Throw Bag - or see Safety Gear

794 Paddlesports Accessory Kit

797 Anchor Kit

444 Compact Threaded Deck Mount (not shown)

823 SEA-light

1073 Laketroller-Bracket Mount

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