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Infant PFD - Life Jacket

Life Vests for kids are sized based on the weight of the child. Each life vest is printed with a weight range. There are three basic sizes. 0-30 pounds, 30-50 pounds, 50-90 pounds. From there kids move up to "adult" sizes such as "youth", extra small, and so forth, based on fit and chest size.

The weight range is printed on the inside of the back panel of the PFD. You will have to look carefully to find it among all the other "legal warnings" and notices. It is not printed in bold letters, so you may wish to take a marker and write the weight range in a more readable way, when you write your family name in it.

Many kid size life vests are quite affordable, so there is no need to purchase a size too large and let the child "grow into it". In fact a wrong size, ill-fitting, PFD for a child is dangerous & will be considered "no PFD" by the marine patrol and you could get a ticket.

Be aware of the weight of the children who will be kayaking and have PFDs checked for size and ready before you get to the water. You may want to consider having a few extra, in assorted sizes, for your kid's friends and for your growing children. This way you will always be prepared with the right size for the right kid.

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Sit-on-top Kayak Summer Camp for California Youth
Article & photos courtesy Kayak 4 Kidz Directors:
Frankie Smith, Gay Brewer & Lorraine Johnson

KAYAKS 4 KIDZKayaks 4 Kidz is a youth development program endeavoring to improve health and well being through participation in water (paddle) sports.

Located at Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey, California, this Youth Water Sports Camp is offered as a free community service to boys and girls ages 7 to 17 and their families from June through September.

The half-day summer camp provides instruction in the basic fundamentals of sit-on-top kayaking, including: boat handling, equipment care, water safety and navigation rules, paddling techniques; capsize recovery, proper use of safety gear, environmental awareness and LA County Lifeguard Association beach safety techniques.

KAYAKS 4 KIDZKayaks 4 Kidz is the brainchild of veteran "Water Dogs" Frankie Smith and Gay Brewer who have been active in water sports and recreational boating for over 25 years and who received extensive training and certification from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary for Boating Skills and Seamanship along with continuing education classes with the UCLA Marine Aquatics Program.

The concept of the program grew from their passion and love for kayaking, swimming and boating and their desire to share this experience with their own children and their friends and others interested in learning to kayak.

Instructor/director "Mr. Waterdog" presenting the certificate of completion to a studentIn 2004 Smith and Brewer began purchasing used kayaks and safety gear to accommodate the growing popularity of their weekend paddling excursions in Marina del Rey. The comment from a grandchild after a day on the water "with all these boats you should start a class." sparked their decision to offer classes in kayaking so that lots of youngsters and their families could also learn the sport as a way of staying fit and enjoying the great outdoors together. (photo: Instructor/director "Mr. Waterdog" presenting the certificate of completion to a student)

Their collaborative efforts, with the help of family, friends and volunteers, formally shaped the program which has been in operation since 2005. Now in its fourth year of free classes, the program has graduated over 600 students from the Introduction to Kayaking classes held at Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey Lagoon.

In 2007, the Kayaks 4 Kidz program received their certification from the Internal Revenue Service and the State of California as a tax-exempt, nonprofit, public benefit corporation. The program's Board of Directors consists of Frankie Smith, Gay Brewer and Lorraine M. Johnson.

KAYAKS 4 KIDZThe Kayaks 4 Kidz mission is to promote healthier minds and bodies through physical exercise while developing the cumulative benefits from sports participation such as self-esteem, leadership, increased physical strength, confidence, team building skills, cooperation and respect for our environment and each other.

SUMMER CLASSES run 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Sundays and are FREE, but Pre Registration is required. They are held at Mother's Beach at Marina del Rey Lagoon. (Palawan Avenue & Admiralty Way Next to Casa Escobar Restaurant)

Introduction to Kayaking
Each 3-hour workshop will cover:

· Basic fundamentals of sit-on-top kayaking
· Introduction to recreational boating, beach and water safety
· Rules of navigation and boating courtesy
· Paddling techniques, strokes and capsize recovery
· Proper safety gear and equipment care

Equipment used: A variety of ocean-rated Kayaks with adjustable seats - designed for youthful boaters. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets and paddles.

All equipment is provided by Kayaks 4 Kidz Class Instructors are U.S. Coast Guard and American Canoe Association certified water sports and boating safety instructors, and master swimmers

KAYAKS 4 KIDZFor a current calendar of classes go to: www.kayaks4kidz.com. For Information and Registration Forms E-mail: nolimitspr@ca.rr.com or Call Gay Brewer at 323-298-2060

Sponsorship: Kayaks 4 Kidz is a registered 501 Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation which relies solely on support from the donations and contributions of parents and interested members of the Southern California community.

KAYAKS 4 KIDZBranding and advertising sponsorships are available for companies and organizations committed to fighting national health concerns such as obesity and juvenile diabetes, improving environmental awareness and youth development through amateur sports participation.

Kayaks 4 Kidz is a member of the American Canoe Association, US Boating Association and certified by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary for Boating Safety and Seamanship.

For additional information visit: www.kayaks4kidz.com, contact via e-mail at nolimitspr@ca.rr.com or by phone at: 323.778-2277 - 323.298.2060 - 310.562.8597.

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