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Tandem Sit-on-top Kayaking by Tom Holtey

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ISBN 0-9668655-1-0 GeoOdyssey Publications, 1st Printing August 2000 Paperback, List: $14.95, 96 Pages, Illustrated by Mike Altman

Book Description: The topic of this book is to address the needs of tandem sit-on-top kayakers. It covers the basic skills necessary to have fun kayaking, safely, in the moderate conditions that average tandem kayakers might encounter.

Solo sit-on-top kayakers should read the first book in this series: "Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide." Both books are written to stand alone as beginning instruction to get you out on the water. Each book, however, does contain some unique information of interest to anyone taking up the sport.

In just 96 pages this new paperback introduces tandem paddlers to their craft, its features, and the equipment needed to best enjoy the sport. It covers all the basic strokes and entry techniques. The book then goes on to discuss conditions that kayakers face while paddling: from wind and waves to oceans and fresh water. An easy read, it is graced with over 60 illustrations, charts and checklists. It gives the basics of touring, fishing, camping, surfing diving and even how to transport your tandem on your car and over land.

Reviews of Tom's previous book: Dennis Spike, Coastal Kayak Fishing: "The CKF Guides and management have reviewed Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide" and clanked mugs! A tremendously successful effort, SOTK will quickly prove to be a valuable tool for all entry-level paddlers as well as all the informally trained veterans. We like the book so much we plan on adding its exposure to the CKF Schools curriculum."

Sonny Norris, Central Florida PaddleMasters paddling club: "I have been paddling for 40 years now and have two words for your book: "Great Job!"

About the Author : From his youth on the Charles River, Tom Holtey has accumulated nineteen years experience in the paddle sports industry with a foundation in canoeing and traditional sea kayaking. He has been involved in the sit-on-top field for the past eleven years pioneering this new branch of the sport. Trained and practiced in wilderness trip planning - from the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine to the tropical coastlines of the Hawaiian Islands - Tom, an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School or N.O.L.S., has lead and taught the novice adventurer under many varied conditions. It was while teaching courses in sit-on-top kayaking at the University of Hawaii that much of his writing efforts began to take form. During this time, he managed a kayak retail store in Honolulu and worked with members of the local kayak club, Hui Wa'a Kaukahi, where many developments in the sport have been made. Tom is the author of the best selling book on the subject of sit-on-top kayaking, "Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide." In the fall of 1999 Tom and his wife Athena founded Sit-on-topKayaking.com, an online magazine and information exchange for open cockpit kayakers.

Sample Pages & Sample Table of Contents from "Tandem Sit-on-top Kayaking":

sample pages
sample pages

Table of Contents from "Tandem Sit-on-top Kayaking":

Chapter 1 Why a Tandem?	

Chapter 2 Types of Tandem Sit-on-tops
Play and Touring Tandems
Wave Skis
Surf Skis
Inflatable Kayaks

Chapter 3 Parts of a Tandem Kayak
Some Basics
A Closer Look
The Tandem Sit-on-top Kayak

Chapter 4 Accessories
The Kayak Paddle
The Life Jacket
Kayaking Apparel

Chapter 5 Who Sits Where?

Chapter 6 Working As A Team

Chapter 7 Launching & Landing
Launching From The Shore
Launching In Surf
Shallow Water Entry
Landing On Shore
The Surf Zone
Launching From A Dock
Landing At A Dock

Chapter 8 Deep Water Re-entry

Chapter 9 Paddle Strokes
Finding Your Grip Zone
The Forward Stroke
A Note About Feathered Paddling
The Backstroke And Stopping
The Rudder Stroke
The Sweep Stroke
Hula Hips
The Draw Stroke

Chapter 10 Important Seamanship Skills
Paddling In Wind
Paddling In Waves
Dealing With Currents And Wind

Chapter 11 Transporting Your Tandem
Foam Racks
Roof Racks
Car topping your kayak
Using Wheels

Chapter 12 Adventures with Your Tandem
Diving and Snorkeling
Camping With Your Tandem

Chapter 13 The Right Tandem for You

Chapter 14 Kayak Safety

Safe Kayaking Check List

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