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The Illusion by Perception Kayaks


Specifications, ILLUSION:
14 feet, 3 inches long
26 inches wide
Weighs 62 pounds
Maximum Capacity: 350 pounds

Past Forum Posts about this kayak:

10/27/02 I have an Illusion and a Prism. The Illusion is faster, has better secondary stability and slightly less primary stabilty because the hull more curved. The bow cuts through waves better on the Illusion. The hatches have been improved so less water will enter the boat and there is a small hatch, between your legs, for lunch. I like the large front and back hatches because I'm fairly imaginative and pack all kinds of goodies in my boat. I've been able to pack my 13'x15' screen room in an Illusion. Small refillable LP tanks and coleman grill stoves fit in just find. My folding sling chair a even fits in this boat. ...8/19/02 I use both Perception's touring Illusion and whitewater Torrent in whitewater. Class II rapids are no problem in the Illusion, I have found. "Pahsimeroi"


6/08/02 My family was shopping for clothes today and I convinced them Bass Pro would be a good place to look (ha ha). There was a Prism and an Illusion side by side on display. The Prism was marked down to something like $470. I was surprised to see the difference in hull design between the two. The Prism has that rough surface keel shaped like a log, same as the Scupper Pro. The Illusion has a much sleeker bottom, the middle 6" or so is dropped about a half inch to serve as a keel and I think the rest was smooth with the exception of streamlined scupper holes. None of those channels Perception put on the bottoms of their older boats to stiffen the soft plastic and help them track. My Ventura has 4 of those channels, and while they contribute greatly to its excellent tracking, it's more surface area/drag. I'll bet the Illusion is noticably quicker than the Prism and Ventura too. I hope I get a chance to paddle one! "Splash"

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