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VHF Marine Radios & Communication Devices For the Kayaker
by Tom Holtey

I will share here the results of my research and will encourage you to send in your reviews on these and any other VHF radios. Send VHF reviews to: Tom @ TopKayaker.net

Uniden® Voyager Handheld VHF Radio VOYAGER - VOYAGER HANDHELD VHF RADIO The compact size of the Voyager is an attractive feature of this radio. The submersible claim is also a plus, but I would still use it in a waterproof radio bag. Uniden® Atlantis Handheld VHF Radio ATLANTIS-BK 5.9"x2.25"x1.5" ATLANTIS HANDHELD VHF RADIO I find the alkaline battery backup feature to be very attractive on this model. There also are lots of good electronic functions as well as a waterproof claim.
Vertex Submersible Hand-Held VHF Radios - Model HX460S HX460SS 3.8"x2.4"x1.1" MODEL HX460S HAND-HELD VHF RADIO Another handy compact size radio, also submersible, but I would still suggest use a waterproof radio bag. Shakespeare® SE700 Hand-Held VHF Radio SE-700 - HAND HELD VHF RADIO The Shakespeare has a quick charging, memory-free battery and alkaline battery back up, perfect for those who want to prepare a radio for last minute trips on the fly.


This is just a small group of the many hand-held VHF radios out there. I am sorry but I do not have any direct experience with any of the new models currently in use so ask on the Forum for help with specific models you are considering. It appears I may be replacing my two trusty, 10yr old, Apelco 510s, as all the batteries, even the spares, are finally toast and replacement of just the batteries may not be cost effective.

Tom Holtey, TopKayaker.net



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