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TomNOTE OF CAUTION: I would not normally recommend that you make a kayak purchase without trying a demo kayak first. I am hoping that you have had the opportunity to try one of these kayaks on the water, or at least feel very confident in your decision. Also having a relationship with a local kayak dealer for sales and service is very helpful. You may want to make your kayak purchase in person at a specialty shop.

That being said, REI is certainly a reputable retailer (with many branch stores) and will see to it that you are satisfied. If you do not have access to kayak shops in your area, or if you are looking for the convenience of online shopping and home delivery then the REI banner at the top of this page will be a good alternative. Feel free to contact me about kayaks, equipment and their use at: Ask Tom @ TopKayaker.net. Also see our EXTENSIVE reviews section.

Ocean Kayak
The Scrambler is a good all around recreational kayak. While I would not say that it is a fast kayak I will say that it is not slow. The Scrambler is very stable and comfortable, with good storage options. Get this kayak if you are planning to do light touring, fishing, surfing and rock gardens, snorkeling or scuba (light diver, minimum gear, calm waters, otherwise consider Scrambler XT or Scupper Pro TW) and just for a fun easy to use kayak. They nest together to stack in storage or on a roof rack. The Scrambler is also a good choice for growing children.


sevylorSevylor Wave 'N Paddle Board has started many sit-on-top paddlers in their paddling career. It is a "spring board" to test the waters so to speak. MAKE NO MISTAKE! This kayak IS A TOY, a very good toy. It is built for fun and play, for light duty use. This kayak is inflatable, so you will want to get an air pump. It is best used by light riders who weigh about 150 pounds. For heavier riders consider the Sevylor "Flag Ship" the Tahiti - sometimes available from REI. Best uses are: Snorkel & Swim Platform, Light Tackle Casting, Playing around in safe "Surf Soup" and for kids and adults to have some fun at the beach. It is easy to transport, even on a bus! Although this kayak is a toy, please use it responsibly and wear a life vest. This model has been replaced with an updated version.

frenzyFrenzy Ocean Kayak
The Frenzy is an excellent play boat. It is supper stable, very maneuverable. It is not a fast kayak at all, but its short length will make it easy to store and transport. The Frenzy is particularly good for wave riding, snorkeling, short recreational trips and light fishing.

yak boardYak Board
Ocean Kayak
The Yak Board is built for fun. It is almost a wave ski, and as such is a very good surf kayak for medium and large waves. This kayak is stable but a bit wet. It turns on a dime. Get the Yak Board if you plan to ride waves, paddle for short distances, use as a snorkel and swim platform in near shore waters.



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